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World Reflexology Week 2019

World Reflexology Week is from 23rd to 29th September 2019..   This annual event is to promote reflexology to a wider audience and many practitioners will be offering special deals to encourage people to try reflexology.  Treatment is excellent for stress related conditions so if you have not yet experienced the benefits of reflexology then why not try it this week.   To find a Bayly School trained practitioner visit   

World Reflexology Week - 24th/30th September 2018

It's World Reflexology Week so an ideal time to try reflexology treatment.  Many practitioners will be offering taster sessions or special offers so search for a Bayly School trained practitioner to experience this wonderfully relaxing therapy.  Practitioners who are members of the British Reflexology Association can be found at  At The Bayly School in Worcestershire we have an offer available still on Friday 28th so do get in touch if you would like more details and to book an appointment.