Here are a few comments from previous students:

"The Refresher Day was a great opportunity to go back over theory and practice with support and guidance from Nicola. There was time to ask questions and we were able to discuss specific areas in which we were particularly interested. The practical session enabled us to check our technique and treatment procedure. I came home inspired and keen to get on with the task of setting up in practice. Thank you Nicola."

Jeanette, Bristol (April 2018)

"I just wanted to say a few words about the Bayly School Refresher Day taken by Nicola Hall that I attended recently. I first qualified in reflexology 14 years ago and have been treating friends and family but recently decided that I would like to set up a practice. My confidence was lacking and I was a bit worried that I was still treating correctly and if anything had changed.

I attended the day and found it perfect for building my confidence. Nicola checked my treatment and assured me that it was of a good standard. I chatted to another person on the course and found that we had similar concerns but were able to discuss all these with Nicola. I have returned with a renewed enthusiasm and cannot wait to start my practice.Thank you Nicola for a very informative and enjoyable day."

Judy, West Midlands (April 2018)

"I enjoyed my training with the Bayly School so much that I was rather sad it had to come to an end! However, having passed the course I am now thoroughly enjoying my new career, confident in the knowledge I have to pass on to my clients. I would recommend the training again and again to anyone, whether they just have a general interest in, or really would like to become a reflexologist!

Thank you Nicola for making the course so interesting!”

Di, France

“Having previously studied on a course called Advanced Reflexology which fell well short of an indepth grounding in the subject, I searched for some time to find a course which was recognised as both credible and professional, and chose the Bayly School. It had everything I was looking for plus the lineage back to Eunice Ingham which for me was paramount.

The modular approach works really well for those with a busy life and the study weekends are a great mix of theoretical and practical experience. The fusion of this theoretical knowledge, with practice, casework and Nicola's vast experience in both Reflexology and Anatomy & Physiology is why the Bayly course worked so well for me.

Don't get me wrong, it needs dedication and determination, however take it from me its well worth the journey and I am proud to be a Bayly graduate”

Sally, Lichfield

“The Bayly School method was very comprehensive and to the point. It provided me with all the tools to become a Reflexologist. There was a perfect balance between time spent on Anatomy & Physiology and practical work. The method always allowed me to hand in my case studies in good time.

We had some fun too! I feel very lucky to have trained with the original school of Reflexology in this country!”

Lirian, London

“Many thanks for such a wonderful course. I loved every minutes and I am so happy to be a reflexologist at last” 

Joanne, Darlington

“I found the course very thorough, interesting and well planned. Nicola Hall is an informative and supportive tutor and I found the courses well structured. The coursework and knowledge required is built up gradually to the required standard so there is adequate time to plan revision and carry out case studies. I also liked the fact that the course offers a degree of flexibility in booking each module with an option of locations and times to suit the individual.

All in all, I am very happy to have gained my professional qualification through the Bayly School of Reflexology and was well prepared to start up my own reflexology business straightaway.”

Caroline, Berkshire